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A cosy living room, a group of your closest change management buddies, catching up on your latest read ...

Sounds amazing  - but the world has changed ..

So let's do this differently and connect our community in an entirely new way!

What we're currently reading....

The Sparrow by Maria Doria Russell

Set in the 21st century - between 20 and 60 years f  rom now - The Sparrow is the story of a charismatic Jesuit priest and talented linguist, Emilio Sandoz, who - in response to a remarkable radio signal from the depths of space - leads a scientific mission to make first contact with an extraterrestrial culture. In the true tradition of Jesuit adventurers before him, Sandoz and his companions are prepared to endure isolation, suffering - even death - but nothing can prepare them for the civilisation they encounter, or for the tragic misunderstanding that brings the mission to a devastating end.
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How Powerful We Are: Behind the scenes with one of Australia’s leading activists by Sally Rugg

Sally Rugg is one of Australia's most influential campaigners for social change. HOW POWERFUL WE ARE is her manifesto for championing what you believe is right. In these pages Sally will teach you some of the things she learnt on the marriage equality campaign: how to develop a strategy, how to frame your messages, how to get your campaign to the media, how to build community power.
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In Defense of Troublemakers: The Power of Dissent in Life and Business by Charlan Jeanne Nemeth

An eminent psychologist explains why dissent should be cherished, not feared We've decided by consensus that consensus is good. In In Defense of Troublemakers, psychologist Charlan Nemeth argues that this principle is completely wrong: left unchallenged, the majority opinion is often biased, unoriginal, or false. From Twelve Angry Men to Edward Snowden, lone objectors who make people question their assumptions bring groups far closer to truth -- regardless of whether they are right or wrong. Essential reading for anyone who works in groups, In Defense of Troublemakers will radically change the way you think, listen, and make decisions.
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When we're next catching up

Past Book Club Reads

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott
ADKAR: A Model for Change in Business, Government and our Community

How will our Book Club work?


We pick the book.

Some books will be nominated by you while others will be part of our Community Hub themes.

Wherever possible we will choose books that are available cost-effectively, and accessibly, for all so that as many of our members as possible can join in!

We read.

With plenty of time between Hub Book Club meetings you have time to read the whole book - a chapter - or just flick to your favourite sections if you've read the book before.

We connect to share our thoughts. 

Our Hub Book Club meeting is a virtual meeting for all book club members to attend and share their opinions and thoughts on the chosen book. We will revisit some of the questions from the digital review, and see what this prose has to teach us all about our practice.

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