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Mastery Path Sessions

Are you a seasoned experienced practitioner with an appetite for enriching and challenging professional development?


Well, we have something for you: Mastery Path Sessions - a methodology-agnostic environment to deepen your overall capabilities as a seasoned change professional; and find comradery on the path of personal change.

We take the name ‘Mastery Path’ from the work of Daryl Conner. Here’s an essay he wrote on Walking the Mastery Path.

In Daryl’s words: “A master has arrived, whereas a practitioner on the mastery path is still on the journey … and always will be.

Who they are for

We host and organise Mastery Path Sessions because we seek to serve practitioners approaching and on the Mastery Path in our international Community.

If the following statements are true for you, then we invite your participation:

  • I have at least seven years' experience in being a professional change practitioner.
  • I have served at least once in a senior capacity in an organisational change programme.
  • I have a deep thirst for learning and quench this by finding my own learning and developmental opportunities.
  • I am committed to being highly relevant as a professional, and being across cutting-edge change management issues and challenges.
  • I have scar tissue from the bold and risky choices I've made in my professional practice, and the types of initiatives I have worked with.
  • I seek to replenish my soul as I give in impactful service to others.

What to expect

  • Mastery Path Sessions don’t have a set duration; regular time-slot or a standard delivery format.
  • We aim to host a session every month for people anywhere in the world. Typically for groups of 12-15 people to enable deep discussion that comes with the intimacy of small group – like a dinner party.
  • Sessions have an entry fee (typically $25 AUD). We believe in financial compensation for those who lead a session (though they may choose to give this to a charity of their choice); and in personally investing in your own professional development.
  • We aim for sessions that are challenging, exploratory and provocative on topics that assume deep professional experience, and a battle scar or two. We take leaps to truly cutting-edge capability-building for seasoned practitioners. They are also a place to find support with others on the Mastery Path.
  • We seek to address emergent subject matter with a good mix of the philosophical, the theoretical and practical application. Those who participate in the sessions influence what topics are explored in future sessions.
  • Sessions are not recorded. You'll need to be present, if you want to get benefit from what is explored and shared.
  • We invite seasoned practitioners from anywhere in the world to put their hand up to facilitate a session or two - on something they are passionate to explore, discuss or even workshop together. You know what problems or opportunities you want to tackle for yourself and for the profession! (Use the contact form below if you are willing to make an offer.)
  • We invite specialists from other domains to facilitate a session or two - bringing their wisdom and insight to challenge our own as we relearn and unlearn what will enable us to be high impact practitioners and trusted advisors. (Use the contact form below if you can suggest someone valuable.)

The Launch Session

Mastery Path Sessions kicked off in October 2020 with an exclusive conversation with Darryl Connor and two guests, facilitated by Helen Palmer.

This conversation was captured on video to provide a taste of the kind of exploration anticipated in Mastery Path Sessions; and to bring the Mastery Path notion to the foreground.

Upcoming sessions

For future events (where registration hasn't opened yet), we suggest you Save-the-Date.

Note 1: While times are listed as Australian-based - these events are open to seasoned practitioners anywhere in the world, should you be awake at these times.

Mar 2021 - Wed 24th, 7:30-8:30pm AEDT - with Andrew Waugh-Young

Apr 2021 - Wed 21st 10:00-11:30am; or Thu 22nd, 8:00-9:30pm AEST - with Daryl Conner

Note 2: All these sessions will be $25 AUD entry fee.


May 2021 - to be determined - might it be you and your idea?


Get in touch about the Mastery Path Sessions

We are intentional and opportunistic about who might facilitate a session.

If you have an area of cutting-edge expertise, or a question you’d like to explore – then contact Helen Palmer to muse on possibilities.