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Leading Self

How do we, as change specialists, find meaningful development that isn’t dependent on our employment situation?


What if there were a range of offerings available that allowed you to take a lead in choices about developing yourself personally, professionally and profoundly, and in your own time.

Leading Self

As change practitioners (in all shapes and forms), we may work as the only change-focused resource on a project, in a department or even within an entire business!

We are often contractors, who work to support the businesses, but are not necessarily connected into the ongoing professional development frameworks of the companies in which we work.

And even if we are part of a Change team, it can be hard to know what is a personal and useful next step. Something just for self to grow and develop, when the options seem limited, the path ahead unclear, and the current role is challenging technically and emotionally.

Leading Self

The Leading Self program is a curated series of activities that enable you to lead self in your development choices across three key areas:

  • Leading Self in Self-Care
    • the first step to expanding yourself is feeling great about you
  • Leading Self in Learning
    • expanding your skills and your understanding of yourself
  • Leading Self in Creating your own opportunities
    • thinking about yourself as a business of one and embracing the opportunities this brings


Leading Self is Member Only offering (FREE for 2020) and includes a wide range of dynamically changing activities that you can select from!

You can choose to complete one, two or ALL the activities in any order - and many are self-paced and can be completed anytime - so you are in charge of YOUR development!

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To support you in taking this journey

The Change Community Hub is thrilled to introduce the Leading Self Adviser, Mary-Beth Hosking.

May Beth Hosking

Mary-Beth is a pragmatic and seasoned technology leader with extensive experience in organisational transformations. She has over 20 years’ experience leading restructures in multinational organisations.

Mary-Beth acts as a mentor, coach and trainer to leaders and change managers as they work through change, and she is exclusively working with Change Community Hub to provide advice to change practitioners looking to complete the activities within the Leading Self program.

Get in touch

If you’ve got a question about how the offering works, what might work for you, or you’re looking for advice on how to take the first steps to leading yourself, Mary-Beth is here to provide expert knowledge. She has designed and will be delivering many of the programs within this offering, sharing her years of knowledge with our members, as well as acting as the offering's Adviser to support members as they look at the options.

Leading Self Articles

Turning ‘being adrift’ into an adventure: Part 2

This is Part 2 of a two-part series on leading yourself while ‘adrift’ from an organisation. In Part 1, I broadly covered the potential for learning and growth when in a state of limbo, like what many are experiencing during the Pandemic of 2020. The series continues … Being in limbo or adrift, is to be amidst uncertainty and ambiguity. Can you image what could be more uncertain and ambiguous than right now? And how do you prepare for that? Looking back, if you had known this was the situation you were going to arrive in - what preparation would you have made to ease the current situation?

What you need to know about change management training, courses and programs

Possibly the most common question I get asked is "what training or course do I need to do to get into change management". And for a long time there has been stock standard answers that I'm not sure I've always agreed. In my heart of hearts I don't think training programs turn you into a change manager or should give a newbie the keys to the proverbial Ferrari to rip up the transformation highway at full tilt. Here's why.

Turning ‘being adrift’ into an adventure: Part 1

The 'pandemic of 2020' has disrupted our personal and work lives. For some, this disruption has been to be cut adrift, to be untethered, from an organisation or employment. So much daily structure, personal identity, and validation comes from having a job. To be adrift is functionally unsettling:  routines are lost; skills are not used; and activities remain undone. It's emotionally destabilising: there's a shame element to say "I'm unemployed", is if my value ceased when nobody nor an organisational identity, is seeing and utilising the value I have to contribute.  In being adrift, it's also to lose touch with resources and opportunities to gain personal value and contribute value. You are lost in limbo. Actually, that's just one perspective.

The value of Value

“Value” is a term popping up a lot in my conversations lately. Like many words in the English language, it gets defined and used in diverse ways – which is a source of frustration in those conversations but also a catalyst to have a conversation that is richer in meaning. So why is the notion of Value useful in thinking about and making change?

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