Community Asset Exchange

We all have things of value that can be shared for mutual benefit. In the spirit of community, individuals are invited to be generous in sharing, and be open in articulating needs. Together we can contribute from our personal assets to inspire, encourage, uplift each other, and help each other learn, evolve and grow.

The Community Asset Exchange is a way to present your offers and requests to the community in your own time, in your own way and under your own management. Somebody suggested it was ‘Craigslist for OCM practitioners‘!

This is something new and a little bit experimental for us all. So be bold and be gracious in your participation, as we figure out what works and what doesn’t, together.



What are assets that might be exchanged?

Skills, knowledge, artefacts, advice, support, contacts, opportunities, ideas … things of value. If you have it, others might need or want it. If you need or want something, others might be able to provide it.

Be brave, be creative – it might surprise you what is possible and what is desirable.

What is the nature of exchanges?

Offer or Seek something for free; or payment by money or barter. It’s your choice – you set your own terms and conditions.

You can make as many entries as you like, of any kind that you like.

Your Advert gets a 30-day expiry date by default; you can set this to something that suits you.

Who is it for?

Any individual Community Member; and you must be logged in to use it.

Note: Individuals can offer a paid service from their own business. Any Offer (or Request) entry goes against an Individual’s Member profile.

What’s the deal with using the Exchange?

  • In 2020, this is a free service to all CCH Members – though that will change once we introduce Membership Fees in 2021.
  • Follow the Community Guidelines for general behaviour.
  • CCH does not endorse or recommend any offer or request made by an individual. It’s up to Community Members to decide the merits of any advert/listing.
  • The terms and conditions of any exchange activity are set, agreed and applied directly between the parties involved. CCH doesn’t play a part in defining or enforcing these, or maintaining records for what is offered or sought.
  • It’s up to you how you manage responses to your Advert. How you manage your Advert reflects on you and the community spirit. Once someone has reached out to you in response to your Advert, you’ll have their contact details to communicate directly with them. You won’t need to do any more communicating via the Hub website.
  • Adverts have a default expiry date of 30 days; if you don’t adjust this, then your Advert will automatically be deleted 15 days after it expires.
  • CCH Operations Team only get involved, if there is a functional issue in interacting within the Exchange.