Helen Palmer

I believe teams are the essential unit for making significant change. Alas, the potential in so many teams is locked up and unavailable for having an impact.

I help teams find their collective mojo, and *do* better. (High-functioning rather than High-performing!)

I’ve got a proverbial Swiss Army knife of talents, knowledge and experience to draw upon. Which is a good thing, because I don’t know what any particular team needs – the answer lies within! I help reveal what the team knows, and needs to know, to get their groove and use it powerfully.

If you are ready to get your team resonating to a harmony that shifts something important in our world, let’s talk.

And because I believe that great teams are made up of self-aware self-managing people, I wrote a book for such individuals. Check it out at www.be-selfunlimited.com

If you are into taglines, my current one is “Helping people learn so something different is possible”. That comes from a cool piece of information: An anagram of Helen Palmer is … Help me learn.

Helen Palmer