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8 ways agile benefits change practitioners

I’ve come across more than a few change managers and project professionals who are wary or sceptical of agile. It’s different to the way they are used to doing things and they aren’t sure how to apply traditional change practices. I’m here to tell you there’s actually a lot about ...
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Resilience – Leadership Superpowers

There is an inordinate amount of research which shows that constant and uncertain change can cause stress and anxiety in the workplace. We need leaders who can create an environment in which resilience will flourish. We need leaders who can identify the early signs of low resilience and take effective ...
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Managing Resistance to Change Part 3 — Additional Tips and Tricks

Now in the final part in this series I’m going to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way. Usually by saying the wrong thing, making mistakes and working out why certain things happened well after the fact using the magical power of hindsight (and ...
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Conversations of Change with Dr. Jen Frahm

A change management podcast with Dr Jen Frahm. I talk with business leaders about the experience of change and transformation. Whoops, this is for members only. Login to view content. Not a member? That's easy. Become Community Member now.
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Managing Resistance to Change Part 2— Why Resistance Happens and How to Counter it

In my last post, I talked about how to define change resistance, what some of the key behaviours to look out for are and what change resistance is not. This post will outline why resistance happens and what you need to do to ensure it doesn’t happen or counter it. ...
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Building employee resilience with neuroscience

Most employees struggle with change, but leaders are in a position to significantly improve their team’s experience, foster resilience and subsequently enhance performance. Recent neuroscience research provides strategies that leaders can use to assist their employees to maintain optimal brain fitness in the midst of change. Whoops, this is for ...
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Managing Resistance to Change Part 1

I get asked all the time how I manage resistance to change. I also get told that this is something I’m good at, and seem to always get assigned to projects that either have very challenging stakeholders, or are facing terrible resistance problems that need fixing (don’t even get me ...
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Human-Centred Design In The Isolation Of Space

Imagine you are cut off from contact with HQ, no family, deep in space and all you have for personal support is an AI program. Some of you would say, great the AI program can control the routines of the ship and I can catch up on my reading or ...
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Drinking and the application of design principles

Recently I took a temporary ‘gig’ as a bar-person – I was serving at the drinks table at Lena Ross’s second book launch. The book launch was an community experience in which many sub-experiences took place, such as getting a drink to fuel conversation and networking. Wearing my Experience Design ...
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The value of Value

“Value” is a term popping up a lot in my conversations lately. Like many words in the English language, it gets defined and used in diverse ways – which is a source of frustration in those conversations but also a catalyst to have a conversation that is richer in meaning. ...
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